How will my prints be cropped?

By default, your images will be printed to fill the print size ordered (crop to fit). If you send an image that is square and order a 4×6, 1 inch will be cropped evenly off the top and bottom of the image. You can also crop your own images when you order and we recommend checking the cropping for each print size ordered so you know exactly what your prints will look like.

What resolution should my images be set to?

This is actually a little bit tricky, your images should be 300dpi or ppi for the print size ordered. So if you are ordering a 4×6 your image should be 4×6 at 300 dpi, which is 1200×1600 pixels, and if you were ordering an 8×12 and your image is 8×12 at 300dpi your image would be 2400×3600 pixels. Our ordering system will warn you with a red x next to any print sizes that drop below our recommended 100 dpi.

What is sRGB and why do my images have to have it?

All file MUST be in RGB mode (not CMYK, grayscale is okay) and use the sRGB profile. Any other profile will give undesired results as the colors will not be printed correctly.

When it comes to color management and printing there are a few options depending on the end result desired. For photography and photographic labs, sRGB is the preferred workflow for great color and skin tones. All printers that are used at PHOTOKING are setup to properly accept and print sRGB images correctly.

We are not able to check every file we print, so please submit them with the correct profile as we cannot reprint orders that were not submitted correctly.

I need an 8×10 print, but this crops off too much of my image what can I do about this?

Not much, remember that a 2×3 ratio is considered full frame for prints sizes of 4×6, 8×12, and 11×16. Any other size will crop slightly from either side. Do not send a square image and expect to print an 8×10 of the entire photo. If cropping is inevitable, please use the cropping option during ordering to crop the images yourself. This way you will know exactly how your final print will crop.

By default, your images will be printed to fill the print size ordered. If you send an image that is square and order a 4×6, 1 inch will be cropped evenly off the top and bottom of the image.

Why do my images look bad or pixelated when I upload them to your system?

This is because we only upload a preview of your image for faster ordering and easier zooming and cropping of your images. Don’t worry your full, high resolution images are uploaded at the end of the order process.

I can’t get your ordering system to load or upload my images, is your site down?

It’s not likely that our ordering system is down as we do have multiple servers. This most likely is due to a configuration with the computer your are on. We recommend using either Firefox or Chrome if you are on a PC and Safari on Macs. You will get the best ordering experience if you have the current version of Java installed. You can verify your version and installation of Java from here.

If you are totally stuck and have tried all these things. Please email orders@photoking.com. We can help you troubleshoot your system.

How big can I print my images?

MegaPixel Size Image Resolution Outstanding Print Very Good Print Fair Print
3 1536 x 2048 Up to 5×7 Up to 8×12 Up to 12×18
4 1800 x 2400 Up to 6×9 Up to 11×16 Up to 16×24
5 1932 x 2580 Up to 6×9 Up to 12×18 Up to 16×20
6 2016 x 3040 Up to 8×10 Up to 16×20 Up to 24×30
7.1 2304 x 3072 Up to11x14 Up to 16×20 Up to 24×30
8.3 2336 x 3504 Up to 11×14 Up to 20×30 Up to 30×40
10.2 2592 x 3872 Up to 12×18 Up to 20×30 Up to 30×40
12.4 2912 x 4368 Up to 16×24 Up to 30×40 Up to 30×45
16.2 3328 x 4992 Up to 16×24 Up to 30×40 Up to 36×48
17.9 3456 x 5184 Up to 16×24 Up to 36×48 Up to 40×60
21 3744 x 5616 Up to 20×30 Up to 40×60 -
* All files, sizes & print quality were determined by their camera’s highest resolution setting using the standard 7:1 JPEG ratio


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